Jesus Freak Cruise – Day 3

The most adventurous day of the 4, this was definitely my favorite.👌🏼

7/13/17– Thursday

Wow, I can definitely taste the rum in the rum cake. 😂😂 the back of my throat burns.

But the cakes are definitely delicious. 😋
As you can tell, today was Nassau day. Wow. I love the atmosphere and all of the tour guides were SO nice! Becky and I got finagled into buying more than we bargained for.😂 moreso Becky than me, but I literally ran out of money so there wasn’t a whole lot I could do anyway. I’m really glad I didn’t bring my debit card with me… not that any of the local shops could’ve used it, but still. It definitely helped. 

Tonight’s the night for the DC Talk concert! A whole bunch of people are gonna hold their spots in line to get in first instead of going to dinner, like Becky and Brenda. I thought about doing that, but my mom paid too much for us to eat for me to not. Unfortunately, I just ate at the buffet.😂 I had tiramisu and it always makes me super full. Anyway, I’m really glad I came to dinner. Tonight is Italian night!😋

When you burp at a table full of strangers and are glad it’s a “ladylike” burp.😂🙊

Being a lyrics person has its perks. They’re totally using a lyrics screen… and I’m pretty sure no one else has noticed.😂😂

The concert was LEGIT. Obviously. TobyMac was involved, it was bound to be great. Haha! Toby seems to be the “spokesman”, since he’s the one that speaks the most or the longest. I think that’s cool too, and I noticed that last night after seeing Kevin and Michael in their respective endeavors. 

At one point Toby mentioned that doing this cruise was like “dipping his toe in the water” to see how things would go. And it went well enough that it sounds like they might actually get back together! If only for a short while. Not his exact words, but that was basically my interpretation. 


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