Jesus Freak Cruise – Day 4

This was the day I became a lobster. At the time of writing this, there are still things I can’t do. Let’s just say I retired early that night and didn’t finish journaling. Becky didn’t get to sing with K-Max, but we still had a GREAT time. 

7/14/17– Friday

I told my roommates that I snore and they’ve been telling me stories all week about my snoring.🙄 y’all. I wasn’t kidding. Lol!

Today is Half Moon Cay day. So our trip is almost done. 😢 I’m super sad, but ready to get back to life. I’m gonna have a lot of homework to do. Haha!

It’s amazing and surreal how blue the water is!

Leaving Half Moon Cay.😢
You can’t get a view like this in too many places on the earth.👌🏼

I’m about to pay $25 for a regular Matthew West CD.😂😂 I hope it goes to a great cause. 

It’s amazing how much two measly hours on the beach will do to my skin.😂😢 yeah, it’s a bit painful. Lol! I’m burned on places I’m pretty sure I’ve never burned before. 

When you save a spot in line for your friend but forget to tell her.😂😂 now there are two of us in line in the same spot. Lol!
Karaoke with Kevin Max. Really, I just went with Becky. Lol!


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