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Jesus Freak Cruise – Day 1

The following blog posts over the next week will be set up as journal entries. Some of them are factual (as in, what happened) and some of it will be my opinions on something. Nothing in here is meant to offend; they were simply things I thought of while I was out of service.

7/11/17– Tuesday
I’ve been up since 4:52am… officially. I could probably attempt to go back to sleep cuz I feel tired enough to, but I was awake enough that I was done sleeping. So I’m torn between taking a shower or just lying here in the dark. But lying in the dark usually means “falling back asleep.” I might feel worse after the fact. 

(Of course, sneezing always forces me to choose between lying in bed or saving my face from falling off.🙄)

Being a time zone ahead is probably what threw me off, ya know, jet lag and all that. So technically I went to bed at “9” last night and woke up at “3”. Eh, oh well. 

Also, I kinda wish there was carpeting in the room. It would make it easier to move around without fear of waking the other two up.
When you realize it’s 9:15, and everyone went back to sleep, but you don’t want a repeat of yesterday where we were running around at the last minute trying to get stuff together. We all woke up super early, I never went back to sleep, and I must’ve accidentally woken Becky up. So she and I went to get breakfast (well it was second breakfast for me), and when we came back she decided she was gonna try to sleep some more. So she ended up falling back asleep. However, we were talking about being out of here by 11 and both of them need to shower still and Brenda wanted to eat breakfast, which ends at 10. There’s a schedule we gotta keep. So we’ll see how well that goes. I’m gonna wait until 9:30 and then wake Becky up. I feel like that’s the safer choice. 

And as my mom said, “The sooner you get in line, the faster you get on ship.” And I definitely imagine that in a Russian voice, like Anatoly from Arrow.😂😂

(So the end of the story is that they woke up at 9:30 cuz they had alarms on.😂 so that’s good.)

In line for the ship and all of a sudden, I’m hungry, thirsty, and I have to pee.🙄 this is too much! That’s also how you know I’m excited. Lol!

But at least the line is moving quickly. 

Men: hating pictures since they were a thing.😂😂

I’m sleeping on the top bunk and we got these cool water bottles! #winning 

The size of our room! And I’m in a bunk, so that’s nice. 👍🏼 Thanks, Mom!
All of a sudden, a guy from Red Letter Management came over to our table and said DC Talk was doing a signing! They didn’t do a signing, but they were doing pics, so that was cool. Also, meeting TobyMac was almost as cool as I’d imagined it would be. He’s so humble.😂👌🏼 Michael Tait was cool too; he seems like the funnier of the three, and then Kevin was almost a byline. I really wanted to tell Toby how much he meant to me, and although it didn’t work like I thought it would. I was able to tell him that he was my hero and I thanked him for everything that he’s done. He gave me two hugs.😄😄😄 super cool!
Tonight was my 4th time seeing TobyMac in concert and the last time Nirva was singing with Diverse City. It was humbling to be there for that, but like Toby, I’m supportive of her endeavors. And as always, TobyMac and Diverse City was amazing! Apparently it was Brenda’s first time seeing him in concert.😳 and here I was knowing all the dance moves and nuances.😂😂

Now we’re waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie to start. Lol! I know I’ve seen it a million times before and even own it, but will I ever get the chance to see it on a ship headed for the Bahamas? Probably not.🤷🏼‍♀️ either way, I don’t know if I can ever say no to PotC… because I certainly couldn’t today. Lol!
When the pool water is salty and that is NOT what you were expecting.😳🤢
All in all, I’m really surprised at how easy the ship sails. Most of the time I can’t even feel it. But when I can, it’s not for more than 30 seconds. 
All these years, and I still laugh at the same parts.😂😂

Well, I watched all of about half the movie. Which is about all I ever watch anymore anyway.😂😂 but it was nice cuz that was the first thing outside of the concert that we’ve really done together. So that was fun.