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Jesus Freak Cruise – Day 1

The following blog posts over the next week will be set up as journal entries. Some of them are factual (as in, what happened) and some of it will be my opinions on something. Nothing in here is meant to offend; they were simply things I thought of while I was out of service.

7/11/17– Tuesday
I’ve been up since 4:52am… officially. I could probably attempt to go back to sleep cuz I feel tired enough to, but I was awake enough that I was done sleeping. So I’m torn between taking a shower or just lying here in the dark. But lying in the dark usually means “falling back asleep.” I might feel worse after the fact. 

(Of course, sneezing always forces me to choose between lying in bed or saving my face from falling off.🙄)

Being a time zone ahead is probably what threw me off, ya know, jet lag and all that. So technically I went to bed at “9” last night and woke up at “3”. Eh, oh well. 

Also, I kinda wish there was carpeting in the room. It would make it easier to move around without fear of waking the other two up.
When you realize it’s 9:15, and everyone went back to sleep, but you don’t want a repeat of yesterday where we were running around at the last minute trying to get stuff together. We all woke up super early, I never went back to sleep, and I must’ve accidentally woken Becky up. So she and I went to get breakfast (well it was second breakfast for me), and when we came back she decided she was gonna try to sleep some more. So she ended up falling back asleep. However, we were talking about being out of here by 11 and both of them need to shower still and Brenda wanted to eat breakfast, which ends at 10. There’s a schedule we gotta keep. So we’ll see how well that goes. I’m gonna wait until 9:30 and then wake Becky up. I feel like that’s the safer choice. 

And as my mom said, “The sooner you get in line, the faster you get on ship.” And I definitely imagine that in a Russian voice, like Anatoly from Arrow.😂😂

(So the end of the story is that they woke up at 9:30 cuz they had alarms on.😂 so that’s good.)

In line for the ship and all of a sudden, I’m hungry, thirsty, and I have to pee.🙄 this is too much! That’s also how you know I’m excited. Lol!

But at least the line is moving quickly. 

Men: hating pictures since they were a thing.😂😂

I’m sleeping on the top bunk and we got these cool water bottles! #winning 

The size of our room! And I’m in a bunk, so that’s nice. 👍🏼 Thanks, Mom!
All of a sudden, a guy from Red Letter Management came over to our table and said DC Talk was doing a signing! They didn’t do a signing, but they were doing pics, so that was cool. Also, meeting TobyMac was almost as cool as I’d imagined it would be. He’s so humble.😂👌🏼 Michael Tait was cool too; he seems like the funnier of the three, and then Kevin was almost a byline. I really wanted to tell Toby how much he meant to me, and although it didn’t work like I thought it would. I was able to tell him that he was my hero and I thanked him for everything that he’s done. He gave me two hugs.😄😄😄 super cool!
Tonight was my 4th time seeing TobyMac in concert and the last time Nirva was singing with Diverse City. It was humbling to be there for that, but like Toby, I’m supportive of her endeavors. And as always, TobyMac and Diverse City was amazing! Apparently it was Brenda’s first time seeing him in concert.😳 and here I was knowing all the dance moves and nuances.😂😂

Now we’re waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie to start. Lol! I know I’ve seen it a million times before and even own it, but will I ever get the chance to see it on a ship headed for the Bahamas? Probably not.🤷🏼‍♀️ either way, I don’t know if I can ever say no to PotC… because I certainly couldn’t today. Lol!
When the pool water is salty and that is NOT what you were expecting.😳🤢
All in all, I’m really surprised at how easy the ship sails. Most of the time I can’t even feel it. But when I can, it’s not for more than 30 seconds. 
All these years, and I still laugh at the same parts.😂😂

Well, I watched all of about half the movie. Which is about all I ever watch anymore anyway.😂😂 but it was nice cuz that was the first thing outside of the concert that we’ve really done together. So that was fun. 


Encounter Retreat 2015


I had signed up to go on this retreat at church and all the way to the campground the car I rode in was full of excited girls. After we got to the campground and got “registered” with our respective houses, we decided to go see our cabins. I was so excited! I’ve only been on one, maybe two, “retreat” trips with my church and I enjoyed those times immensely. And then I walked into the cabin. Oh boy, I thought. It was probably my worst nightmare in regards to living quarters and it was small to boot. I knew there were going to be 8 young adult women sleeping in cabin that was probably smaller than my living room at home. And then of course there were the bugs… And spiders… And more bugs. I had originally wanted a top bunk prior to knowing what exactly I was walking into. Hesitantly, I picked a top bunk, but then one of my cabin mates (who had been there slightly longer than I) mentioned rat droppings too. I shook my head remembering all the times I told God I would never sleep in a place I knew rats lived. So much for that, I thought.

Basically just the first afternoon was super character building as I had to learn to get over my irrational fear of bugs and spiders and just enjoy myself and receive what God had for me there. That was hard, but by the end of the first day, I was noticing the bugs… But not being quite so freaked out about them. I knew Jesus would keep me safe because He allowed me to go there. So I overcame and remembered that I am MORE than a conqueror in Him.
The second day… Heh, well the leaders didn’t hold anything back activity wise. We had an “Amazing Race”, and I can probably speak for the group when I say that we were all amazingly tired after that… And most of us are definitely still sore. At the end of the Amazing Race though I noticed a shift in the way we all spoke to each other. We had been put into teams simply for the games we played, but by noon on Friday (closer to the end of the Race), we were all helping each other get to the finish line, we were all spurring each other on, and we were all very tired. Haha! There was an “event” within the Race where each team was supposed to pick five fit people to run and do something… I was one of the five. And that was a really bad idea. And that was only the second event out of ten. I felt like I was gonna die. My teammates were amazing though and they definitely helped keep me going. 

Friday afternoon’s service many of us were struggling to stay awake because we had done the race and then eaten already… But it was really powerful. In fact all of the services were. Friday night’s service was when an even stronger shift happened and we went somewhere together in God. I can’t completely explain it, but “unity” comes to mind for sure. 
Saturday was the day everyone had been waiting for, but after the race on Friday, no one was as ready for it as we all thought we would be. However, when we went up the hill for our next event, we were ready.

What was this event you ask? A paint war. We had made shields and talked about it all weekend. Finally the time had come. It was an epic two hours… And it certainly did not feel like two hours. 
The highlight of Saturday for me though, was the afternoon service. One of the leaders was speaking and she felt that we should put into practice what had been instilled in us by prophesying to each other. Because prophecy builds up the body… And that’s what the whole weekend was about. It was about unity in the body and especially among the young adults, since this was a young adults retreat. It was so amazing to see the people that I’d come to know on a deeper level get words of encouragement or words of affirmation from God through their peers. 

Everything else that happened would take a much longer post than I want to post right now, but the last thing that stuck out to me was when the awards ceremony was taking place, we all cheered each other on, because we all worked hard to get there and we did a really good job of pulling together trough the games and events and services and learned how to be a group and be a body moving toward God and running in the same direction.
** I wrote the bit about the first day at the end of the first day and I don’t know if you can tell, but the style of writing is different. It went from “what can I get” to “what did the GROUP get out of this”. And really my mindset was totally rearranged and the difference this time is that this isn’t a one-time hype thing, the church we all attend is this way all the time. Now all we need to do is follow through and make that mark on our church. It’s our time and I know it will happen very soon… Because it starts now. **