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Jesus Freak Cruise – Day 2

This day was our “sea day”. Not a whole lot happened, but you HAVE to read the story at the end! 

7/12/17– Wednesday

The most amazing coffee ever.

I feel like I’m gonna end up being that one person that doesn’t get a tan because I keep forgetting to be outside.😂 of course I say that as I’m sitting outside…

To think that only a hundred years ago the main mode of transportation was by boat or carriage. We’ve ridden in motor vehicles, flown in airplanes, and traveled on a ship FOR FUN.

I didn’t like the Newsboys A LOT. They were alright. I was on the floor though, since the other two wanted to do that for the experience. I don’t fangirl that hard anymore I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️

The CRAZIEST thing happened. So we left the Newsboys concert early to go to the Solo Travelers thing. It wasn’t what we were expecting but that’s beside the point. As we were walking up the stairs to get to the lounge, I tripped and hit my knee REALLY hard. Like, I couldn’t breathe, think or function for at least two minutes. When I finally got up we went to the meeting, but the other two didn’t even want to be there! So we left. Well I left, but I was going the wrong way… so I had to turn around and get them. 😂 I decided to go to the room myself and I’m glad I did. I had gotten ice from the staff at the lounge, but it was in a latex glove and it was leaking. So I wrapped it in a towel and had changed my clothes to go to bed. So I got up in my bunk, and just began to cry. I didn’t know what to do and I was so overwhelmed with sadness and pain that I just couldn’t hold it. I didn’t even realize I was dealing with that stuff. I wanted to sleep, but then I heard God start to tell me, “You can’t sleep.” Images of people passing out from pain came to mind, so I sat up and continued crying. Finally I told God that all I wanted was for Him to be close and for the pain to go away. So I began commanding the pain to go… and IT DID. And then I just sat there and began thanking God for all of the good things He’s doing to and in people on this cruise. I was crying for most of this time too, by the way. Then I decided since I was feeling better that I would go hang out with Becky and Brenda since well… that’s the point. Lol.